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2017 TV Deaths That Almost Killed Us

We all have different opinions, especially when it comes to television, but the least we can agree upon is that the following TV deaths, in one way or the other, affected us deeply. And while all of them may have not made you cry, there was a little place in your heart that was tugged when the character met their death. These are some of the 2017 TV deaths that almost killed us.

1. Shiva (the tiger) from the Walking Dead

Shiva has been a staple at King Ezekiel’s side since the man came out and claimed he was royalty. She just added to the air of mystere and that there was something special about the former zoo-keeper. So, when she sacrificed herself for the sake of her master, we all lost it. How much more loyal can a pet get, even in the apocalypse?

2. Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why

This was the story about a teenaged-girl who ended up killing herself. The show gives us insight into the events and the people surrounding her suicide. And as obvious as it was that she had to die, it was still heart-breaking when her mother found her body lying in the tub of the flooded bathroom.

3. Harrison Wells AKA H.R. from the Flash

Harrison Wells or H.R. was a smooth-talker. Viewers liked him because he was funny and charming. He ended up sacrificing himself for Iris with some disguising-Earth 19 tech and tricked Savitar into killing him. And we were all fooled too, at least for a while, thinking it was Iris who had died. He was such a great, funny man. We don’t care how many incarnations there are of him, we want the funny one back.

4. Bob Newby from Stranger Things

The Radioshack manager found love with Joyce Byers and ultimately paid for it with his life. Bob was a sweetheart who was very friendly and great her kids. His intelligence allowed him and the boys to escape Hawkins Lab but it also brought about his wrongful death (in our opinion).

5. William Hill from This Is Us

William Hill was not our favorite person in the world when we first heard about him. He had a lot going on- with the drugs and all that- but he was able to win us over with the way he came to care for his son and grandkids. We knew his death was coming, what with his cancer (just like his mother before him), but it still hurt when it happened. It was all the more heartbreaking because Randall lost another father.

6. Viserion from Game of Thrones

Who cares that Viserion was a CGI dragon? No one! Even though he isn’t really dead, he is no longer himself, but now and ice dragon for the Night King. When that spear pierced his skin, we were equally shocked and upset. If only Jon had gotten onto Drogon faster, instead of engaging the Wights! We think that it’s about time Daenerys invested in some freaking dragon armor, jeez!




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