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13 Reasons Why will be back to bid a final goodbye

13 Reasons Why Will Be Back To Bid A Final Goodbye

13 Reasons Why, one of the most popular high-school drama will be back again with its 4th & the final season. The series narrates the story of Hanna Baker, a high school student, who commits suicide after suffering from emotional trauma.

A Netflix original, developed by Brian Yorkey was launched with a total of 3 seasons, consisting of a total of 39 episodes. A highly-gripping piece of narrative, that keeps you on the edge till you find the truth.

13 Reasons Why closely focus on high-school bullying, peer pressure & the mental trauma that leaves oneself silently suffering.

The characters make it so believable that you can almost feel the pain Hanna is going through, you empathize with her & you wished that you could be there for her & saved her from taking her own life.

The 3rd season left many questions unanswered & many mysteries were left unsolved. 13 Reasons Why Season 4 will see the students of Liberty High graduating, leaving a heart-breaking past behind to build a better future.

Releasing on the 5th of June, 2020, the students of Liberty High will be seen for the last time bidding us a ‘final goodbye’.

Season 1 Recap

13 Reasons Why season 1 released on Netflix on March 31, 2017. The season introduces Hanna Baker, the new student of Liberty High, who is always bullied & ends up taking her own life following a series of tragic incidents.

Soon after Hanna’s death, her best friend Clay discovers a pile of audiotapes, recorded by Hanna, in which she states the 13 reasons why she committed suicide & blames all of those who pushed her to give up on her life.

The show received applause by the critics as well as the audiences for the content & the incredible acting skills.

Season 2 Recap

The second season was released on May 18, 2018, on Netflix, which continues to explore the reasons behind the suicide of Hanna Baker, while the students strive to move-on eventually dealing with their problems in life.

This season received mixed reviews from the critics as well as the audiences who found the series too disturbing to watch. The series was called out by the viewers for including a graphic suicide scene that could disturb the mentality of the teenagers.

Understanding the concerns, Netflix later announced that it would be editing the controversial scene of Hannah’s suicide.

Season 3 Recap

The 3rd season makes a jump from Hanna’s suicide & focuses on the turn of events that lead to the murder of Bryce Walker. Released on 23 August 2019, the show focuses on the death of Bryce walker who was murdered after the homecoming game which had put his classmates under scrutiny & the finale ends leaving many questions unanswered.

What to expect from the 4th season of 13 Reasons Why?


The 4th season is expected to focus on the graduation of its students who try to move on with their lives towards a better future.

It would also be a matter of interest to see if Clay gets away from the police after withholding the truth about Bryce Walker’s murder.

Season 4 might also focus on the relationship between Justin & Jessica, who were trying to work things out between one another in the last season.

The series will also try & get closure regarding the bag of guns which was dumped, belonging to Tyler & what will happen to Alex, now that his father is aware of the fact that Bryce was the one who helped him with the drugs & that Alex might be the one who killed Bryce.

Well, nothing can be confirmed as of now on how season 4 is going to shape. All we have to do is wait until it is aired on 5th June 2020 only on Netflix.





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