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The 10 Worst Doctor Who Episodes Of The David Tennent Era

Since we have celebrated the best episodes of each Doctor, it’s time to look at their worst outings. Here are the ten worst episodes of David Tennant’s time in the TARDIS.

10. The Doctor’s Daughter

This season four episode is one of the weirdest of the show’s entire run. The Doctor has his DNA stolen and turned into a female soldier of a faction of humans warring with some fish monsters. This is Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, and the rest of the episode is about the Doctor forming a bond with Jenny before she is unceremoniously killed at the end. She is a Timelord though so she does come back to life to have adventures of her own, but has never returned to the show since this appearance. It’s not a terrible episode but it is right in the middle of season fours funk, and the inclusion of Martha never really pays off. Donna is awesome as ever.

9. Fear Her

Again, Fear Her is not a terrible episode, with the idea of a little girl trapping people in her drawings is eerily creepy. It’s just not a strong enough plot to put it into the upper rankings of Tennant episodes. What it does show is that even if the episode isn’t particularly great, the chemistry between the doctor and Rose can carry it (mostly) through.

8. The Last of the Timelords

Two of the three episodes that saw the Master return to the show for the first time are undeniably classic Who outings. Utopia has one of the best reveals the show has ever had, and The Sound of Drums has the Master brilliantly corrupt everything that the Doctor stands for. The season three finale just doesn’t stand up, and there is one overwhelming reason for that. At the time, David Tennant and John Simm were the most exciting actors on British television, but they hardly spent any real screen time together, which was a complete waste. Instead we got the Christ allegory, and Martha’s untimely exit.

7. The Lazarus Experiment

Martha was a great companion, and hr relationship with the Doctor was arguably more interesting that Rose’s, but her family sucked. It’s not really the Jones family’s fault as we got two seasons of development of Mickey and Jackie, which made them indispensable to the show in comparison. Martha’s family fell one-note in comparison. Also, the effects of Mark Gatiss’ Lazarus really don’t help the episodes quality, nor does a mediocre Gatiss himself.

6. The Sontaron Stratagem/ The Poison Sky

For an episode that had monsters known for their military intelligence, aided by a boy genius, why is this two-parter so bloody stupid? While the Doctor and Donna are as brilliant as ever, the returning Sontarons paled in comparison to other classic Who villains. No wonder Steven Moffat treated them as a joke for his entire tenure.

5. The Idiot Lantern

The Idiot Lantern is almost a companion piece to Fear Her. This time it’s Rose that get trapped with the Doctor having to save her,and instead of the Olympics, the big British event is the coronation, while once more the emotional core comes from a child standing up to their abusive father. Also like Fear Her, all these elements don’t come together. Not to mention, Tom Baker’s Doctor died falling off a radio tower, and Tennant survived a lightning blast. That doesn’t make sense.

4. The Next Doctor

This Christmas special had fans in full on speculative mode. Even with the knowledge that David Tennant still had a year to go, could the show be debuting the next Doctor so early? Alas no: what we got instead is one of the most awful performances from any actor in the show’s history , courtesy of David Morrisey. Apart from him the episode is solid, but the fact that he is basically co-lead makes this episode bloody tedious.

3. Love and Monsters

David Tennant and showrunner Russel T Davis, barely put a foot wrong in their time on Doctor Who. That’s why most of the episodes on the is list have at least something to keep them from being total disasters. But now we are into the dregs, starting with the Peter Kay episode, Love and Monsters. This was the first episode that featured little of the Doctor and Rose, and it really suffers for it. The weird tone, the general unpleasantness of Kay, and the wholly unconvincing monster make this one to skip.

2. Voyage of the Damned

The worst Christmas Special of the lot, Voyage of the Damned fails to make the idea of a crashed Titanic in space even remotely entertaining. This is an episode where you can see Tennant straining to keep it all together, but the lack of chemistry with Kylie Minogue, the terrible characters, and frankly laughable deaths sink this episode (pun intended).

1. Planet of the Dead

This Easter episode is awful, just awful. If Voyage of the Damned is a stinker, the Planet of the Dead is the turd that that stink emanates from. Everything wrong with Voyage is done tenfold here with a horribly cringe-inducing performance from Michelle Ryan, Lee Evans being so cute it makes you want to kill him with a sharp piece of Easter egg, and the fact that even David Tennant isn’t even trying makes this the worst episode of his time as The Doctor.




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