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The 10 Best X-Files Monsters

The X Files is one of the most celebrated science fiction shows of all time. Spanning 24 years, 10 seasons, and 2 movies, the franchise is a landmark for its compelling conspiracy plots, the performances, and the chemistry, of Its two leads, and, most of all, the monsters. So let’s celebrate the show by counting down the 10 best X Files Monsters

10. The Were-monster “Mulder and Scully meet the Were-monster”

The Were-monster X-Files

Starting things off is a miss-understood monster and the star of the revival series best episode: the were-monster. Played by Rhys Darby (What We Do in the Shadows), the were-monster is actually a lizard that was bitten by a human causing it to transform into a human during the day. The X Files was always particularly good at playing with audience expectations, and this reversal of the normal man-to-monster tradition proved to be both a hilarious, and thoughtful addition to the cannon.

9. Rob “Hungry”

Rob “Hungry” X-Files

Season seven wasn’t a great year for the show as behind the scenes trouble with David Duchovny’s contract marred events onscreen. This wasn’t the case in “Hungry” which was an episode told from the point of view of the monster, the mutant fast food worker Rob. Rob deserves to be on this list thanks to the great performance of Chad Donella, and the great make-up which transformed him into a monster. Rob also gets points as we see how disruptive Mulder can be to your life if he thinks you eat people, tough break.

8. The Flukeman “The Host”

The Flukeman “The Host”

Season two was a great year for the show thanks to some brilliant monsters of the week, and ut all started with the Flukeman. Mistakenly created as a by-product of the Chernobyl disaster, the Flukeman as it rampages through the sewers of New Jersey. Not only was Flukeman scary, it was also really disgusting.

7. Leonard Betts “Leonard Betts”

Leonard Betts X-Files

Leonard Betts is a memorable monster for more than the traditional reasons. Yes, he can regenerate himself, even if he loses his head, and needs a lot of iodine in his diet, but it’s the fact that the thing that he needs to achieve this is cancerous tumours. Which leads to him attacking Scully, and the shocking reveal that she had cancer. The episode was bittersweet, as Scully survived Betts but was given a death sentence none the less.

6. The Alien parasites “Ice”

Ice X-Files

Ice was The X Files first genuinely tense episode. Squeeze may have come before it but The X Files version of The Thing is a terrifying episode that utilises a single location, a minster that can take control of anyone, and an atmosphere of distrust, even between Mulder and Scully.

5. Pusher “Pusher”

Pusher X-Files

Robert Patrick Odell, or Pusher as he likes to be called, is a man who can compel people to do what he wants through subliminal hypnosis, unfortunately this usually means getting people to kill themselves. Robert Wisden is chilling as Pusher, and his cat and mouse game with Mulder and Scully is the centrepiece for this great episode.

4. The Peacocks “Home”

The Peacocks X-Files

The Peacock’s were not so much monsters as a birth defect party gone wild. “Home” is still viewed as one of the most terrifying episodes in television history, so much that it was the first primetime episode given a parental warning notice.

3. Tooms “Squeeze”, “Tooms”

Eugene Victor Tooms X-Files

Eugene Victor Tooms: The X Files very first monster of the week and number three on our list. The first of the shows many genetic mutants, Tooms could squeeze of stretch his body to any size meaning that there is no place he can’t get you. He was such a popular villain that the show brought him back for a second, and disgustingly finale episode at the end of the first series, cementing his plays in the shows burgeoning history.

2. Donnie Pfaster “Irresistible” “Orison”

Donnie Pfaster

Donnie Pfaster is a memorable villain because there is nothing obviously monstrous about him, not in the way most X Files monsters are. Donnie is a figurative monster, a death fetishist, whose nature, personified by his victims seeing him as a demon, he cannot hide anymore. “Irresistible” is one of The X Files darkest episodes, with Scully, who is suffering from PTSD, is kidnapped by Pfaster. Even though she was able to defeat him, in time for Mulder to find her, Pfaster left a lasting mark on Scully and the show.

1. The Cigarette Smoking Man

The Cigarette Smoking Man X-Files

From a figurative devil, to the devil in the flesh, because that’s what the Cigarette Smoking Man is to The X Files. A literal man in black, the CSM is behind the alien conspiracy that is Mulder’s quest. He is deeply rooted in the American government and can even pull strings in the FBI. He also can’t be freaking killed. This old sod has survived a snipers bullet, having his cancer –ridden body thrown down the stairs, and a missile to the face, yes a missile. He is The X files greatest monster because he always wins.




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