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10 Best TV Comedies Of 2017

10. The Good Place

The Good Place continues to be one of the most creatively funny shows on TV as well as giving Kristen Bell and Ted Danson their best roles in years. Season two of The Good Place completely avoided the sophomore slump by leaning into the bizarre, and proving that the show’s premise has a lot more life than everyone thought.

9. Big Mouth

Nick Kroll’s Netflix Original is a brilliantly filthy look at how awful puberty is. Using the animation to get away with a lot of risky jokes, about 2 per minute, Big Mouth has a sensitive heart under all of its gross out humour.

8. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny season 12, or “The Gang Still Rocks” is another strong year for the best show about awful people on television. With everyone on top form, and some truly classic moments: the water park and old lady sitcom spring to mind, there is still an element of sadness as this might be Glen Howerton’s last year playing Dennis Reynolds.

7. You’re the Worst

Season four of You’re the Worst isn’t the show’s best season, but it did shake things up by committing to Jimmy and Gretchen’s separation. This led to Edgar and Lindsay getting more screen time, always a joy, and explored the dynamics of who Jimmy and Gretchen were without each other. They are still awful people.

6. Search Party

If you don’t already know about Search Party, wel you do now. there is no excuse. The millennial mystery show was one of 2016’s most underrated comedies, and its up to you to make sure season two gets watched. No spoilers from us, but Alia Shawkat is sensational, which is only a light spoiler.

5. Master of None

It seemed impossible that Master of None could improve upon its amazing first season, but Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang did just that with season two. Where to begin, maybe the Italian film tribute of the first episode, or the Emmy-winning coming out episode, or maybe any scene to do with Cup Cake Wars. Master of None continues to give voices to truly unique stories not seen anywhere else on television.

4. Better Things

Another show enjoying a great second season, Better Things continues to make us wonder why it took Pamela Adlon so long to get her own show. Her skill with both comedy and drama translates into one of the most poignant shows of the year. There are more Emmy’s in Adlon’s future.

3. Rick and Morty

After an infernally long wait, Rick and Morty finally returned for a third season, and it was amazing. From the April Fools Day release of the premiere, which brought a certain flavour of sauce to the public’s attention, to the harrowing tales of the Citadel, season three of Rick and Morty broke new creative ground for the show.

2. Broad City

Broad City’s fourth season just came to an end, solidifying Abbi and Ilana as the best comic duo of our time. From the long-awaited pay-off of Shania Twian to, the finale’s murder mystery, Broad City is firing on all cylinders.

1. Bojack Horseman

Bojack did it again. For the fourth season running the Netflix cartoon about a talking horse managed to speak to an entire culture about the nuances of mental health. The shows carefully plotted, and time-jumping narrative was jam-packed with cathartic moments, and sharp jokes. Hooray!




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