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10 Of The Most Anticipated Shows Of 2018

10. Westworld

One of the best shows of 2016, fans have been craving a second season of Westworld ever since Dolores fired that power-shifting shot. Thanks to the success of season one, creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have been given more time to craft the next chapter of the robot uprising, and we can’t wait.

9. Altered Carbon

Based on Richard K. Morgan’s 2002 cyberpunk novel, Altered Carbon promises to be Netflix’s answer to Westworld, and a much-needed original science fiction show for the streaming service. Set 300 years in the future, Altered Carbon shows a future in which human consciousness can be stored on digital implants, which allows the upper crust of society to upgrade into new bodies, making death all but obsolete.

8. Atlanta

Donald Glover’s Emmy winning dramady about an aspiring rapper and his cousin/slash manager took critics and viewers by storm in the fall of 2016. Production of a second season was put on hold throughout this year thanks to Glover’s commitments to the troubled production of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but he’s promised that new episodes will be ouyt in 2018.

7. Game of Thrones

Season seven of Game of Thrones wasn’t the show’s best year thanks to some shoddy writing and characters that never felt threatened. Even so, the wait for the final season is still a big deal in the pop culture community, and even though it is unlikely that the end of the show will come in 2018, it will still be a going concern for fans.

Update: The last season will be released in 2019!

6. Legion

Noah Hawley’s Legion was one 2017’s surprise hits. While Hawley had a great pedigree as the creator of the excellent Fargo TV series, Legion’s weird premise and unconventional story telling made at a hard sell. At least it should have, since Legion, boosted by Dan Steven’s performance as the mental ill, but extremely powerful mutant, David Haller cemented the X-Men universe’s first live-action television triumph. Season two promises to be much weirder.

5. American Gods

American Gods was almost to good to fail. Adapted from the acclaimed novel by Neil Gaiman, brought to screen by Bryan Fuller (Hannibal) and Michael Green (co-writer of both Logan and Blade Runner 2049), and starring prestigious talent like Ian McShane, Gillian Anderson, and Kristen Chenowieth, american Gods turned out to be better than expected. Much of the credit should go to Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon, the ex-con who is our guide through the madness of the old Gods and the New. Despite Fuller and Green’s recent departure, there is a heavenly host of reasons to tune in for season two.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale

The Handmaid’s Tale is one of, if not the most, acclaimed show of 2017. Hulu’s adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian classic has become one of the most topical and controversial shws of recent times. With the end of the first season also being the end of the novel, what a second season of Gilead will look like is now anyone’s guess.

3. The X Files

Will season eleven of The X Files finally end the story once and for all? Considering the flawed, but successful revival in 2016, The X Files franchise is in good health: with more episodes debuting in January 2018. The show should take a lesson from Tin Peak’s revival, and end the story once and for all.

2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things managed to bypass the sophomore slump of other hyped shows like Mr Robot, and despite one episode that isn’t as bad as most fans think, season two was a resounding success. Netflix have officially renewed the show for a third season, so expect the Mindflayer to come back stronger than ever, and a possible return of a certain Papa.

1. The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

The first season of American crime Story, entitled The People vs OJ Simpson, took viewers by storm by reigniting a story that was considered the crime of the century. For season two, the anthology show will focus on the murder of Gianni Versace, and has attracted talent such as Edgar Ramírez, Penelope Cruz, and a guaranteed breakout performance from Glee’s Darren Criss.




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